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CMC for Toothpaste


CMC for Toothpaste


CMC is widely used as a thickener in toothpaste, mainly for shaping and bonding. CMC makes the toothpaste have a certain consistency, the paste is in the form of strips, and there is a good bone on the toothbrush that does not collapse, and does not become thin, so that the paste is smooth and delicate.

"Linguang" CMC applied to toothpaste thickener has the following characteristics:

It has good salt tolerance and enzyme resistance, and has good compatibility and compatibility with other raw materials in toothpaste, ensuring uniform mixing of toothpaste ingredients;

The water-soluble and water-retaining ability is strong, so that the paste is oil-free and water-free, ensuring the appearance and stripiness of the paste;

The toothpaste paste is fine and smooth, and the toothpaste paste has good extrusion dispersibility;

With suitable viscosity and thixotropy, it is easy to fill and produce in the production of paste. CMC products with different consistency and rheology can be produced through process control to meet the production of different types of toothpaste.


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