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Too much additive, increasing liver and kidney burden

Industry news

Pediatric experts remind parents to give children less milk for children

Nowadays, there are a lot of children's milk on the dairy shelves of major supermarkets.

“Healthy”, “Healthy”, “Nutrition Balanced”... These words appear in promotional advertisements and are very eye-catching and popular among parents.

According to doctors, in fact, this type of milk contains food additives, and some products have more than 10 kinds of additives. In this regard, doctors recommend that children drink less.

Containing additives

On April 23, we visited the milk sales areas of many supermarkets. Among them, there are as many as seven or eight brands of children's milk, and some of them occupy almost half of the shelves. Many parents are choosing to buy. Various slogans are also very attractive: "developing intelligence", "adding calcium, iron and zinc", "using a unique formula"...

We can see from the outer packaging of these children's milk that there are almost 4 kinds of additives, and more than 10 kinds of additives.

In a well-known brand of children's growing milk ingredient list, food additives include sodium carboxymethyl cellulose, lactic acid, citric acid, sodium tripolyphosphate, sodium citrate, aspartame (including phenylalanine), single More than 10 kinds of glyceryl stearate. According to our inquiry, the above food additives have the effects of thickening, increasing sourness, increasing sweetness and blending flavor.

Ms. Liao’s son is 3 years old this year and especially likes to drink children’s milk. Ms. Liao let her son go to the kindergarten to bring a bottle and drink a bottle before going to bed. “I will also look at the formula before buying, not buying too many additives.”

Later, we interviewed a number of parents. Most parents said that children like to buy, do not care too much about the additives.

It is best to use food supplement

Cheng Lianying, director of the pediatrics department of the First Hospital of the city, said that the additives in children's milk on the market are now allowed by the state, and their functions are also different. Some make the dairy products more viscous, while others make the dairy products taste better. .

However, too much additive can affect the child's body and increase the burden on the kidneys and liver.

Cheng Lianying said that if the child's diet is normal, it is not necessary to add calcium and iron. If the parents want to supplement the child with calcium, iron and zinc, they can use the food supplement.

For example, if your child wants calcium supplementation, you should eat some dairy products, shrimp skin, and kelp, and take it with calcium's “golden partner” dimension D to help absorb calcium. If you give iron to your child, you should eat animal liver and livestock. Poultry meat. The "golden partner" of iron is Victoria C. Eat more fresh vegetables and fruits to help the absorption of iron.

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