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Leader's speech

With the help of friends from all walks of life and concerted efforts of all staff, our company has made outstanding achievements. Our company takes the lead in the aspect of production strength and brand value. Besides CMC industry, our company aims to realize diversified development. To be a creator of high-quality life is our vision.

Our company is engaged in a special industry and most of our products are applied to food industry. Thus, we put forward the mission of “the world filled with love”. With the implementation of safety production strategy, our mission responds to the call and is of practical significance. Only by “great love”, can our company realize safety production and reliable application. We believe that our mission will be realized through joint efforts of all staff.

Another important content of corporate culture is innovation. Only by making innovation, The enterprise can own vitality. Otherwise, the enterprise will be backward and eliminated. Innovation means change and continuous learning. Therefore, our company advocates the learning spirit. Guided by the concept of “Mutual Learning, Mutual Trust, Mutual Support”, our company strives to study new knowledge, creates new performance, gives full play to the individual potential, actively advocates innovation culture and increases the value of life.

In the final analysis, corporate culture is “human” culture and the culture of all staff. All staff complies with corporate culture, creates new culture, and develops corporate culture. I sincerely wish all staff to adapt to corporate culture, especially the fresh staff can integrate with team culture and realize “unity of human and enterprise” psychologically and spiritually.

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