How to choose children's milk?

Sep 19,2019

Now, most of our families are only children. Parents, of course, treat their children with as many treasures as they can. As long as they are delicious, they will give them what they want. As long as they are useful for their growth and development, they will give them as much flower. When it comes to supplementing nutrition for children, there is one thing that everyone thinks is essential, and that is milk, because it is said that this milk is rich in nutrients, and the most important thing is that it can supplement calcium. This child can grow up after eating it. Which family does not want their children to be taller? Speaking of drinking milk, there are many types of milk nowadays, which kind of milk is good for children? Faced with the question we raised yesterday, Qingcai people have various opinions. Some say they drink fresh milk, some say they drink yogurt, and some buy boxed milk. For example, Qingcai macky said, "The milk just squeezed , is to buy or send from private places. Some mothers think that this kind of milk has the best nutrition because it is the freshest, but the hygiene cannot be guaranteed. It is impossible for the buyer to know whether the milking staff is healthy or not. Whether the milk container is sterile, so it is best not to buy this kind of milk. The correct way: you should go to the market to buy milk that has passed the national strict health standard inspection. But pay attention to the shelf life, so as not to expire.” Similar to this Qingcai There must be a lot of parents. You see, in the market and supermarkets, this packaged boxed milk can be found everywhere, and some of them are children's milk specially provided for children. Let’s go to the supermarket and have a look. Now the proportion of children’s milk on the shelves is getting bigger and bigger. What are the types of intelligence-enhancing, gastrointestinal, balanced diet, bone-building, health-care, and health-eliminating? Everything is available, which seems to imply that parents can "prescribe the right medicine" to their children and supplement nutrition in a targeted manner through different products. Therefore, when many parents choose, they often choose this kind of children's milk marked with functionality.

Supermarket staff: "Children's growth milk adults must like to grow bones and supplement calcium, add prebiotics, lactoferrin, DHA, children's resistance is good, adults' attention is the benefit to children."

Parents: "We hope that he will supplement with zinc, or if his stomach is not very good, he may choose probiotics."

In the milk section of this supermarket, the reporter found that there are many kinds of children's milk here, and most of the products claim to use unique formulas on the packaging, such as adding DHA, fruits and vegetables, and some trace elements, or on the outer packaging. It will be printed with words such as developing intelligence, supplementing calcium, iron and zinc, and strengthening bones, attracting the attention of parents and children. With more functions, the "value" will inevitably be different. Our reporter found that compared with ordinary boxed milk, the price of children's milk is much more expensive. For example, a certain brand of children's milk is 190ml, and the price is around 4 yuan, while the same brand of ordinary pure milk has a capacity of 250ml, and the price is less than 3 yuan. In conversion, the price of the same amount of children's milk is about twice that of ordinary pure milk. However, although the "worth" is much higher, children's milk with various functions has won the favor of many parents.

Parents: "We hope for the best for our children."

Parent: "I don't really care about the price, I mainly care about his brand."

Parent: "I think it's better if it's more expensive."

During the interview, many young parents believed that the high price of children's milk is "value for money". For parents, as long as it is good for the child's health, it doesn't matter to spend more money. However, is the high "worth" children's milk really worth the money? After checking the ingredient lists of some children's milk sold in supermarkets, the reporter found that most of the children's milk products are marked with food additives, and there are many types. For example, a certain brand of growth milk for children contains sodium carboxymethylcellulose, lactic acid, citric acid, sodium citrate, guar gum, sodium tripolyphosphate, acesulfame potassium, aspartame, xanthan gum, food flavors and other 10 kinds of food additives. Wang Qing also went to ask a nutrition expert. The expert said that these food additives have the functions of thickening, increasing sourness, sweetness and blending fragrance, which makes the taste of this milk more popular with children, but purely from the perspective of nutrition , but it is of no great benefit to the child.