"Additive" children's milk should not be drunk, experts recommend pure milk

Sep 19,2019

Survey: There are as many as 11 kinds of additives in children's yogurt drinks

Through visits to several supermarkets, we learned that different brands of children's milk are mostly in 190ml packages, and the price is around 3-4 yuan. Children's yogurt drinks are mainly in 200ml bottles, and the price is around 3 yuan. The price of various brands of adult milk in 250ml packs is 1.6-4.9 yuan. It can be seen that the price of children's milk is slightly higher than that of adult milk. In the ingredient list of a children's yogurt drink, the reporter saw as many as 11 kinds of additives, including sodium carboxymethylcellulose, citric acid, glyceryl monostearate, sucrose fatty acid ester, aspartame (containing benzene Alanine), acesulfame potassium, sodium tripolyphosphate, food flavors, etc. There are 6-7 kinds of children's milk additives that are relatively few.

Reminder: Children's milk with flavors should be drunk less

Do the additives contained in children's milk have an impact on health? Li Hongliang, an associate professor of the Food Department of Shaanxi University of Science and Technology, explained, "The additives listed in the ingredient list of children's milk or dairy products generally meet the national requirements. However, when parents buy It should be noted that the state stipulates that the addition of flavors to sterilized milk and fermented milk is prohibited. Generally speaking, flavored milk or dairy products can only be regarded as flavored milk or dairy products. Children’s milk and dairy products containing flavors in food additives are easy to be addicted to. What's the problem, the liver and kidney have the function of self-regulation, but frequent drinking will lead to excessive intake of additives, which will increase the burden on the liver and kidney. Therefore, try to eat and drink less food or drinks containing flavors." Choosing children's milk has What is important? Li Hongliang suggested that fermented milk or sterilized milk that does not contain flavors and has a protein content of more than 2.3 grams can help supplement the nutrients needed for children's growth and development. Suggestion: Calcium supplementation for children should be supplemented with pure milk or food supplements.

Dr. Sun from Xi'an Children's Hospital said that during growth and development, children have a greater demand for calcium. Pure milk does help to supplement calcium, but the effect of using dairy products to supplement calcium is not obvious, and the types of additives in dairy products are relatively large. Too much, often drinking is not good for health. If after the hospital's examination, you really need to supplement calcium, you should choose pure milk or food supplements. As for trace elements such as iron and zinc, they can be ingested with a daily balanced diet, and there is no need to deliberately supplement them.

From the perspective of nutrition, Dong Chun, a nutritionist of Xi'an Nutrition Society, said, first of all, there is a big difference between children's milk drinks and milk. The nutrition of milk drinks cannot be compared with that of milk. In addition, it can be seen from the ingredient list that in order to increase the taste of yogurt drinks, it contains various food additives such as white sugar, sweeteners, and essences, which are easy to cause dental caries, picky eaters, unhealthy eating habits and malnutrition in children. question.

The "Children's Dietary Guidelines" recommends that children aged 3-6 drink 300-600 ml of milk per day to benefit healthy growth. When choosing milk, you should pay attention to check food labels and choose pure milk or other dairy products with high nutritional value, such as pure milk, yogurt, milk powder, etc. In addition to milk, calcium, iron and zinc can also be supplemented through oysters, shrimp, animal liver, lean meat and other foods.